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H.E.A.R.T. Centered Copy Writing for Your Wellness Organization

Creating copy for your organization can be an arduous process.

What do I want to say?

What do I really want to say?

Insecurities around how well your audience or target market will resonate with what you are offering. You may question if you are using the right words or marketing strategy. All of these are important questions and considerations, but without a framework to funnel these questions through it is easy to spin out into frantic impulses or be plagued by analysis paralysis.

The H.E.A.R.T. Centered copy writing framework will help you organize your copy ideas and filter them through a series of socially conscious elements and questions that will communicate to your audience and facilitate their health and well-being.


To embolden the path for using H.E.A.R.T. Centered copy writing, the following example will be used…

Example - Help moms feel more energized and comfortable with parenting.

Honor - Bolster their strengths

Name what they are great at - pointing out how your target audience shows up for their life and applies their strengths to problems.

Share how their strengths benefit their lives - When people have problems, it is so easy to look only at the negative. Help them see how their strengths are an asset and can be applied to the issues they experience.

Emphasize the positive - We are drawn toward pleasure and away from pain. Emphasize how their strengths can continue to bring more pleasure and positivity into their lives.

Center their strengths - Make their strengths stand out in your copy.

*Strengths are love, connection, and knowledge gathering. *Emphasize their desire to be a great parent, that it shows how much they love and care for their child(ren). *Let them know that their thirst for knowledge and wellness is a strength for their whole family. *Finally, make your graphics match their strengths of love, knowledge, and connection.

Empathy - Support their challenges

Name their pain points - if your audience wasn’t in some form of pain, they wouldn’t seek out services or products to help them through it. Naming what they may experience as emotional, mental, or physical pain is important to draw more attention to how you may assist them.

Dose compassion - the antidote to shame is compassion. When we are in a state of shame, we tend to hide and be secretive about the pain we carry. Offer your willingness to “be with” and witness your client’s hardship while compassionately helping them with the services or products you provide them.

Name how hard things make us stronger - in other words, communicate that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you are there to hold the torch until they can see the light themselves.

Show them how challenges can be strengths - Offer up a story of how a client has created meaning and growth from their pain so the client that is starting out can know they are not alone.

*Challenges are- time constraints, lack of self-care, lack of resources, guilt, shame, fear *Compassion would be “we are here to hold you on your journey,” or “you are not alone,” or “we are here to help.” *We know that parenting can be challenging, that’s why we have developed the XYZ program to improve your energy so you can tackle those challenges smoothly.” *Share a story about a client who used the program or offer and had great results.

Authenticity - Be You, Be Real

Self awareness - Self awareness is the ability to look inside and hold your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic self in full 360 view. To be fully authentic with your copy, you need to be connected to the source of your creativity within, as well as any shadow parts or inauthentic urges. Cultivate a self-awareness practice to help you intuitively write authentic copy.

Value alignment - From self-awareness, you are then able to identify your organization's values that align closely to your offer. Name these values in your copy so your clients know what you stand for and decide if their values align with yours.

Speak from your heart - Forget the algorithms, key words, and hashtags. Write from your heart! Your clients will connect with YOU.

*meditate and see yourself working with your client. Imagine how you feel and how they are responding. Try out different sentences or words and see how your client avatar responds. Each word should feel solid and rooted to your being. If it doesn’t, toss it out. *write down and post your top values for your organization and how you uphold those values so they are available for you to easily add to your copy.

Relationship - Meet them where they are at

Ask questions - Your copy needs to be a living, breathing document that can grow with you and your clients. Take the time to do focus groups and/or ask questions to your ideal client avatar about what you want to know about them to make your copy really stand out.

Listen more than you talk - Really listen to your audience. If they are responding positively to a piece of copy, use it more. If you notice crickets or disengagement with another, toss it out or tweak it to be more aligned with what your audience is telling you.

Be truthful - Please, please, please be honest on your copy. Use your own words, images, and data. Do not plagiarize or copy from another organization. The best way to lose credibility and trust with your clients is to copy someone else’s work.

Be with - Holding space for your clients to make their own self-determined choices about whether or not they want to participate in your offer is respectful and can lead to them wanting to work with you down the road. No sales pitches or trying to “make them” see the light. Instead, respect their personal choices and tell them that you see their strength in making their own autonomous decisions.

Trust - Add value

Help them see their answers - Sometimes people have blind spots and unconsciously seek you out to help them break down those barriers and bring clarity to their lives. In you copy, provide an example of how a client was getting in their own way. While working with you, they were able to see they were standing in their own way and were then able to make changes at a rapid pace.

Show don't tell - Let data do some talking. Provide statistics or better yet, provide your own successful data that illuminates how your product or service works and gets the client the results they desire.

Be reliable - Provide real and accurate numbers and facts. Show how you can replicate the same positive result so clients know what you have to offer actually works.

*95% of the mothers we coached had a 10% rise in their energy levels! *80% of the mothers we coached had a 25% rise in their energy levels! *65% of the mothers we coached had a 50% rise in their energy levels!


Whether you are creating content for your website, landing page, or office brochure you can use the H.E.A.R.T. Centered copy writing framework to produce quality, connected, and resonant copy for your organization.

As always, I am here to help your organization succeed with awesome, authentic, and socially conscious copy. If you want further direction and guidance in your copy writing process, I am just an email away!

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