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Benevolent Storytelling for Wellness Organizations - Share Your “WHY” With Integrity

Wellness entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations have established their company’s vision to create a more whole, healthy, and socially conscious world. Whether your impact is on a one-to-one basis or multinational scale, your passion and healing message is needed deeply in a world where its human inhabitants are mentally burnt out, physically ill, and spiritually starved.

Identifying the true “why” you set out to make the world better, is the birthplace of sharing your story with the masses. Your true “why” represents the light to which your business decisions orient around, including your copy and how you represent your purpose and aspirations with the people you wish to serve. Sharing your “why” is wrapped up in the story of how you, your organization, and your mission came to be.

The first thing you need to do when developing impactful copy is get VERY clear on your benevolent “why.” Doing this keeps you honest and full of integrity in a marketing world that influences many to abort their mission and sell out to make more dollars.

Your true “why” is absent of ego and is dedicated to the greater good, regardless of how much control you have, money you make, or people that like you. We are all human and therefore crave the dark parts of entrepreneurship such as greed, power, fame, fortune, and not-enoughness to fill those thirsty catacombs of the heart that are in dire need of nourishment. Those needs of being loved, having certainty, and feeling significant are human and deserve attention. However, the energy behind your "why" needs to be represented in the name of contribution and growth, not for personal gain.

An essential aspect of creating conscious copy that truly serves the people is that the person writing it and putting into the world has self awareness. If you exaggerate, appropriate, mislead, or withhold truth in effort to fast track yourself to "success," you are on the dark side of your "why." Reorient to the honest truth and consciously decide how to communicate your message with the utmost integrity. Your clients, customers, and audience will embrace your authenticity far more than they will falsely adore your performance.

Watch this video by Simon Sinek - Find Your Why for more in depth exploration of your “why.”

Once you have fully articulated your "why," now it is time to share it with others. Choose the platforms that feel right for you! If Facebook drains your energy but networking with others lights you up, go with the latter. Your time and energy are precious. Do not waste them on things that do not bring you joy. Instead, invest in the platforms of expressing your message that return and recharge your energy. Building a business, and maintaining it, is an endurance game. You need patience and support from yourself, as well as others. Again, spend time with the things that light you up most so you can sustain the weary yet heartening road of championing a wellness-based business.

If you are interested in consulting with me on your organization's copy needs, I am just an email away!

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